Pasta Asparagus + Zucchini  

Pasta Asparagus + Zucchini  

Asparagus in season  

Asparagus in season  

A simple flavorsome dish that's easy to cook in no time. Vegetarian delight.



2 Brown onions

2 Large zucchini

Generous amount of Asparagus

Sea Salt

Grated Black Pepper

Grated Pecorino Cheese



Cook onion in a frying pan until translucent. Grate zucchini in with onion, stir and add salt and pepper . Simmer for 3 minutes, then add asparagus and cook until asparagus is tender.

Boil salted water, then add any pasta you desire.

When pasta is cooked strain water and throw pasta in with asparagus and zucchini.

Serve up and add cheese 🧀

Enjoy a simple EASY dish.



Thanks to Pino's Fine Produce

Prahran Market