I remember this dish as a child

I remember this dish as a child




Fresh basil

Olive oil

Salt Flakes



+ Love




Simply place capsicums on a heated Bbq or in a hot oven. Turn on each side until cooked or skin is slightly toasted. ( mine are burnt) don't worry if they are...! when you can see that they're soggy you know they're ready and cooked. Allow to cool down. I sometimes don't have the time to wait, so I run them under cold tap water and peel the thin skin and remove seeds.

Place on a chopping board and cut into strips . Place capsicums in a bowl. Chop fresh basil 🌿 add olive oil, salt , pepper, garlic if you don't have appointments the next day. lol

Toss all ingredients and serve.


Optinal if you don't like fresh basil you can alway add dried oregano. 


This is a very tasty side dish...even better the next day. My grandmother 👵🏻 would put it on my schnitzel or meat to eat together. Yumm



Thank you Pino's Fine Produce

Prahran Market

Great summer side dish  

Great summer side dish