Freshly made sausage rolls.  

Freshly made sausage rolls.  


1 1/2 kg lean Chicken mince

1/2 kg lean pork mince

150 grams grated parmagana cheese

6 grated carrots

6 chopped red onions

520 grams (2 jars)caramelised onion (Beerenberg)

520 grams (2 jars) Burger relish

260 grams (1  bottle) Fruit chutney

Sea salt

Black pepper

2 1/2 or 15 sheets Pampas puff pastry sheets

Sesame seeds

Poppy seeds

2 eggs



Grab a large bowl, add all meats salt , pepper and mix together.

Add chopped carrot , onion , cheese , burger relish , caramelised onion. Mix together thoroughly and set aside.


Puff pastry

Lay out 3 sheets of pastry and cut in the middle to halve so you get 6 half sheets in a row, end to end.


Making sausage rolls

Place the mixture on the pastry with a falk and form a ribbon of mixture in the centre.

Brush beaten egg on one side of the pastry and fold over. Then cut to desired size , place on a backing tray on baking paper . Brush sausage rolls with egg .

Sprinkle sesame seeds place in hot oven at 220 degrees for approx 20 mins or until cooked or golden brown (Burnt) LoL

Laying the pastry down. 

Laying the pastry down. 


Mr Norbury and Lydia xx

My kitchen my space sharing it’s with Mr Norbury 💋


Origin of Sausage Rolls recipe! Andrew’s mother , Joan Norbury . 

Thank you to my mother in- law Joan for sharing your recipe that many friends and family have enjoyed eating.