Up your alley girls....take a read ⬇️ down my alley! 

My relationship with Gina started to become closer at the end of season 2. Gina saw my husband, Andrew, and noted that there was something terribly wrong with his health. She raised the issue with me by asking “how is Andrews health? I opened up with tears and replied NOT great Gina. She immediately suggested going to one of the doctors she had seen whilst going through her cancer treatment and suggested I take Andrew to see him.  Gina genuinely cares.


Our relationship changed from that moment. Gina and I have put our differences aside and  put our real life worries ahead of the rubbish from the past. Forgiveness, love and compassion are difficult to disguise, or be disingenuous about. Gina remained focussed on Andrew’s health (after what she’s been through) and gave me someone to confide in. Andrew had open heart surgery late in the year, and I almost lost him (writing this still today brings tears to my eyes). I’m glad I have Mr Norbury still by my side….burnt or not burnt sausage rolls I love him to bits (and his daggy sausage rolls too!) Through this challenging time my relationship with Gina changed and I am lucky to call her one of my best friends now.


I love shopping and I thought taking Gina food shopping to the Prahran would be a funny experience. Lydia and Gina equals FOOD. Every single time we catch up it SPELLS food FULL STOP! Italians love food, and in a sense Italians have invaded the world, where can you not eat Italian? Both Gina and I have adult children, we’ve had to feed them and it’s ingrained in our characters to select great produce. Could you imagine Gamble, or Jackie at the market?  NO ahhhhh NO! LOL sorry I had to put that in…

It’s a passion for us Italian girls, so of course I asked Gina to come to the market with me, she gets it.I love sharing my food ideas with her and where I’m going with my cooking classes. Pinos have been around forever. It was a cathartic moment to talk about life, surrounded by fruit and veggies. In a funny way they feed our soul and make all problems disappear for a moment.