What a week!

It seems that a Tsunami of commentary has been launched and unintentionally I am at the epicentre.

After last season’s unwarranted allegations, I have genuinely made multiple attempts to make peace with Jackie.

All of that is overlooked as Jackie continues to carry on about my supposed intention to ruin the relationship between herself and Janet !

With regard to “Loose Lips” (a.k.a.Janet), Her verbally aggressive & demeaning behaviour validates that I was telling the truth…. (Perhaps because of my “size” there is more to shoot at??HASHTAG IM NOT FAT!! )
The fact that she continually feels the need to shame my body is evident that there is nothing more for her to pick on! Maybe it was her only way of getting back at me for outing her.

Why would I? What purpose would it serve me?

After all, I love what I do. I love sharing what I do in Lydia’s Kitchen. I am the first to help when people ask, and contribute to causes and ideas that I feel are worthwhile!

My sharing of the truth resulted in not being invited to Jackie’s birthday party. I was suprised by the lack of invitation but then again, she is a spiritually empowering hypocrite –
Ref 1: Episode one. <Jackie lectures Gina on not excluding people (Gamble) from her Dinner table>
Ref 2: Episode 6 <Jackie’s Birthday Speech>
“I’m gonna make a wish and I’m gonna tell you what it is…
Ladies I think we all need to bond and create our sisterhood again and support one another (HUH?), I would like all you ladies to come along… to… MEXICO!! (…anybody else notice the inconsistent & contradictory behaviour?) 
Evidently, there is one rule for Jackie and another for others.

<Phone Call *terms & conditions apply>
Apparently when it comes to me, being a friend of Jackie’s (and gaining an invitation to Mexico) means me agreeing to her list of conditions (she insisted I PROMISE not to bring up the Jackie/Janet Saga …WATCH THIS SPACE).
None of us like being talked AT rather than having a balanced discussion.
Conditional friendship is not what I am interested in.
It would appear that me having a voice this season and an opinion doesn’t sit well with others. I won’t be coerced into backing away from the truth. A friendship is unconditional; it does not come with terms and conditions…
I am surprised by the level of manipulation and extent that these women will go to in order to supress my opinion.

Where does the threat of not inviting me to go to Mexico fit in a two-way relationship? So who is the real “Dark Side”

Speaking of friendships, my true friend Gina was concerned and ended up leaving the birthday party to check in on me and see how I was. Thank you GINA x

This is one big dysfunctional family.


Enjoy x