In Lydia’s Kitchen it’s Hot chilli and facts.

It was good to catch up with Gina after Mexico and to hear how our little boys, Noodles and Figaro handled themselves while we were away. They are SO important!

It took some time and countless conversations for both Gina and myself to wrap our minds around the numerous arguments that occurred throughout the trip. Honestly, it was boring. There was no logic, or continuity with so many of the discussions. I have never seen grown women behave this way before in my life.So many misconceptions, wild acquisitions and baseless statements.Honestly, I don’t know what was in the water!

Add to the mix, the “New Sherriff in Town” and her “superior and self-righteous” comments. It was like a tinder dry forest. Girl’sgirls...Janet and Jackie aren’t lying when they proclaim they didn’t hear Sally refer to Gina as a “ WB ”.That’s because they weren’t actually seated at the table when Sally made the statement. They were talking at each other and arguing elsewhere FULL STOP.  Why would we both make up something as offensive as that?My colleagues may not always use the most appropriate languageand part of the fun is the robustness of the opinions and the diverse personalities.But this has taken the insults to another level, NOT COOL SALLY! I really hope she can see the error in her judgment and quietly back down, otherwise this will spiral into a frenzy, which frankly, I don’t want.

I have seen a post on twitter that claims I had apologised to both Sally & Janet. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Deflectingthe focus off Sally onto me.WOW, it’s flattering to be the center of attention, but I don’t need this sort of attention.What this clearly demonstrates, is how disturbed and desperate these girls are to make a point. Their judgment seems to be impaired by their desire to discredit both Gina and myself.

I DID NOT APOLOGISE TO ANYONE ABOUT MAKING UP STORIES.Why would I?I didn’t fabricate anything.Why don’t they stick to the realityinstead of making up rubbish? 

Janet’s not my cup of tea.I find her constant quips from the cheap seats tiring. It surprises me that she cannot add any more value and wisdom to our conversations.She is, afterall, themost experienced woman amongst us.I find it equallyunusual that Jackie can never find a decent word to say about me.Nothing positive or empowering, the things that she prides herself on being.She’s so biased and cannot see that Janet’s dialogue is condescending and a continual “put down”.It is naive behavior from Jackie which I also find disconcerting, given her constant claims about her perceptive abilities.

I think Jackie is very courageous to have her “Shine event” andexpose her spiritual narrative.Support, empowerment andinspiration areneeded. Some of these people are vulnerableand reaching out for answers, but I don’t think it’s a great idea to be calling God a f****g C**T under any circumstance. What God in this Universe would send you an Angel after thatblasphemous statement?

Hungry anyone…? In Lydia’s Kitchen things are steaming up.I was so excited to have my own Genie in a bottle, Queen Gina and Paris sharing my childhood food memories with them. I love doing weekly classes. I meet so many amazing people whilst sharing what I love most. It was exciting and hilarious having Michael and Gina partake in one of my cooking classes, they were loads of fun and my onion goggles were a HIT. Hopefully, I can broaden my audience and actually expand this whole idea about life, eating and entertaining. Let’s keep having fun, enjoying life and try to be kind to one and other with a full tummy. Visit www.lydiaschiavello.com book a class this week and you’ll receive a gift.

Love Lydia xx