MOUCLADE Mussels in Wine and Cream Sauce


Image : The French cook book 


2.5 kg mussels  

1 1/2 cups or 400 ml dry white wine 

1 sprig thyme 

1 bay leaf  

6 sprigs parsley  

25g butter

3 shallots, finely chopped  

1 tsp curry powder

pinch of cayenne pepper  

2/3 cup or 150 gg (double cream) 

3 egg yolks



Scrape the muscles and remove the beards. Wash muscles in several changes of water, then drain.

Pour the wine into a large non-aluminium saucepan.  

At the thyme,  bayleaf and parsley, bruising them between the fingers. Bring just to boil over a high heat and add the muscles, moving them around in the liquid with a slotted spoon. Remove them with a slotted spoon and soon as they open, and set aside in a bowl. Boil the muscles cooking liquid over high heat until reduced by half, then strain it into a bowl. Discard any and opened muscles. Meanwhile, melt the butter In a small saucepan and  lightly cook the shallots, Staring consistently, for two minutes or until they are golden. Add the muscle liquid and bring to boil, boil for one minute.

Ladle  The muscles into shallow soup bowls, pour the sauce over and serve immediately. Serves 4