Culinary Delights in Dubai


Dubai has lots of place to shop, amazing jewellery stores and incredible architecture. But as you know, the other passion of mine is food and of course, I could not go past a very special one-on-one  cooking class at the stunning Four Seasons Restaurant, Jean Georges. Jean Georges was opened last year by globally acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and now sits under the guidance of acclaimed Executive Chef Colin Claque. Set on Jumeirah Beach in the Four Seasons Resort the restaurant consists of two separate dining areas, JG Dining Room and JG Kitchen. The Dining Room is inspired by his New York restaurant Jean-Georges and offers his signature menu in a beautiful fine dining setting. In the centre of the room are breathtaking hand blown glass chandeliers, making this the perfect destination for a romantic night out. If you are stopping over in Dubai make sure you give yourself a few days to enjoy this amazing city and book yourself in to Jean- Georges for a dinner you won’t forget!

Colin Claque, like a lot of great chefs, found their passion for cooking from his mother who was also a chef. Through his time cooking with her as young boy, he learned to appreciate local produce and seasonality of ingredients. As soon as he graduated, he enrolled into catering college and went on to carve his own culinary destination working under some of the finest chefs around the world including Anton Mosimann, Peter Langan, Gary Hollihead and Sir Terence Conran.

His career highlights include being part of the team who opened the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and Executive Chef at Zuma in London. His culinary talents have taken him The Ivy at the Jumeriah Emirates Towers and Pollen Gardens in Singapore and now as Executive Chef of Jean- Georges in Dubai. He describes his style as, “Sourcing the best quality ingredients to create sublime flavours that are simple and have a touch of finesse.”

Thanks to the amazing team at Quintesstially Lifestyle, I was personally introduced to Colin and got to spend the entire day with him in the kitchen cooking up a feast with him and trying almost everything on the menu – how lucky am i?! Next week, I will be sharing with you some of the amazing dishes we cooked up so you can try at home. The first is Kale Caesar Salad with Green Chilli and Mint. It’s healthy and incredibly flavoursome.



Kale Caesar Salad with Green Chilli and Mint


80 g Kale, washed and dried

1/8 inch thick chiffonade

45 g Dressing

5 g Mint leaves, wide chiffonade

3 serrano chilies, thinly sliced

For The Dressing:

1st Set

90 g Fresh lemon juice

35 g Red wine vinegar

1.5 g Garlic clove - germ removed

1.5 g Anchovy

15 g Dijon mustard

16 g Egg yolk

13 g kosher salt

2 g Freshly ground black pepper

1 g Ground chili flakes

5 g Lemon peel, pith removed

2nd Set:

185 g Safflower oil

125 g extra virgin olive oil

3rd Set:

65 g Parmesan cheese

FoR The Croutons:

Extra virgin olive oil


Salt and black pepper


For the dressing

Combine set 1 in vita prep and puree until smooth, emulsify with the second set and then add the cheese, puree again until smooth

For the croutons

Liberally coat the bottom of a sauté pan with extra virgin olive oil and heat until just smoking, add the bread and sauté until golden brown.

Blot on plenty of absorbent paper towels and season gently with salt and pepper.

To Serve

Combine the kale, mint and dressing and mix to coat well, let sit 5 minutes.

Arrange on the plate, top with the croutons, and garnish with the chilies

kale 1

kale 2

kale 3