Johnny Di Francesco's Grilled Quail with Paprika and Grapes


Quail is such a wonderful, tender and flavoursome meat. People are often a little hesitant to give it a go at home, but it's a new year and time for a challenge! To ensure it remains tender, cook it at a higher heat than you would a chicken, and watch it carefully. If you are still unsure, then don't be afraid to cut into the meat to check. Serves 4 people


4 butterfly quails

1 ½ table spoon of sweet paprika

2 sprigs of thyme

150mls olive oil

For the Grapes

200g red seedless grapes

50ml water

50g sugar

50ml white wine vinegar

10g salt

Zest of half lime


Mix paprika, thyme and oil together and leave to marinate overnight in the fridge.

Cut grapes in half leave to one side.

Add all other ingredients to a pan and mix well, then add the grapes.

Bring the grapes to boil and reduce.


Grill the marinated quail’s skin side down.

After 4-5 mins turn quails and cook for a further minute.

Add to the boiling grapes and cook until the quails are done.

Remove quail to a platter and keep warm. Further reduce grapes and juice until sticky and pour over quail and serve.

Lydia & Johnny NYE 2015
Lydia & Johnny NYE 2015
Lydia & Johnny NYE 2015
Lydia & Johnny NYE 2015
Lydia & Johnny NYE 2015

Photos by Iron Chef Shellie