Keeping on track


Holiday is over and I am back in the real world of training! Ouch, now that was a shock to the system! Being back home is great but I have started filming for Real Housewives and because of this, I could be filming for up to 14 hours a day. Even though I love to cook, filming can happen at any time so it becomes increasingly difficult to manage my food intake during this time. I have really committed to maintaining my health and fitness and I don’t want to be tempted by catering food (at shoots it is so easy to grab a something that is not waist friendly on set!) So to avoid just grabbing the nearest thing to keep me going,  I decided to enlist the help of Eat Fit Food to assist me with ready-made meals for the working week (Monday – Friday only. Weekends are mine to cook as I please and relax in the kitchen).

You may have seen them on social media (that is how I found them) and their food always looks fresh and healthy. So since things are a little crazy in my life at the moment, I decided that outsourcing my working week diet  is the best solution to ensure I stay on track. I did a week trial to ensure I enjoyed the food and the variety that was offered and I was not disappointed! Foods are gluten free and you have the option of dairy free as well so great for anyone with dietary issues and I am pleased to say it DIDN’T compromise on taste. They provided me with a great menu filled with a variety of choices which was ace so I never felt bored and always had something different to look forward to each day (PS- the Shepherd’s pie is a MUST!)

They delivered to my door every morning so everything was super fresh. They dropped it off early so it set me up for the day. For any full timers or mums out there who are time poor, the early morning drop off is ideal! The food was portion controlled, healthy and organic and no prep time – it’s a no brainer!

I think that while I am filming and the hours and days are long which can keep me out of my own kitchen, I will continue to enlist the help from Eat Fit Food to ensure I stay on track and eat well through this busy time in my life. I can’t afford to make bad decisions when I am tired (which is all too easy) so my answer for time poor people who are keen to stay healthy like me, is Eat Fit Food! xx