Tuna Tartare, Spicy Radish and Ginger Marinade


A wonderful, fresh dish that I cooked up with Executive Chef, Colin Claque at Jean Georges in Dubai. It was one of my favourites on his menu. Once you make it, I am sure you'll agree.


65 g Tuna loin - ground

Extra virgin olive oil

Thai red chili, minced

Shallots, minced

For the Chilli Oil

115 g Ancho chilies (dried)

12 g Chipotle chilies (dried)

2 g Allspice berries, toasted

2.5 g Cloves, toasted

23 g Fennel seeds, toasted

15 g Mace, toasted

14 g Star anise, toasted

12 g Cinnamon sticks, toasted

25 g Salt

1350 g Grape seed oil

For the Lime Syrup

1 lts Fresh lime juice,

1 lts Sugar

125 g Kaffir lime leaves, washed and chopped

For the Avocado Mash

8 each Haas avocado (ripe), scooped out and outer layer of green wiped off with paper towel

56 g extra virgin olive oil

2 tbs Salt

For the Ginger Marinade

453 g Ginger

142 g extra virgin olive oil

538 g Champagne vinegar

652 g Soy sauce

396 g Kaffir syrup, see recipe above


For the chili oil

Place all the toasted spices, salt and dried chilies in a blender and puree until medium fine.

Heat the oil and puree until 71 degrees Celsius, stirring.

Allow to cool, strain through a chinois for total extraction.

For the kaffir syrup

Combine all ingredients in a pot and heat to 88 degrees Celsius.

Allow to steep covered at room temperature until cool,

For the avocado

Combine all in a mixing bowl and mash well with a whisk, should be creamy with no large chunks but not smooth either.

Load into avdisposable piping baf and refrigerate

For the ginger marinade

Peel the ginger and roughly chop, combine all in a blender until smooth, do not strain.

Set aside.

For the diced tuna

Toss tuna with olive oil then gently season with salt, minced shallots and chilies, keep refrigerated over ice.

To serve

Place a 9 cm ring in the centre of a cold bowl and pipe the avocado into the bottom, smooth out evenly, top with the tuna tartare, arrange the radishes on top and spoon the ginger marinade into the bowl, then drizzle the chili oil into the sauce