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Figaro Schiavello came into our family as a gorgeous, tiny, 6 week old Italian Greyhound. He was born in Bendigo.

Originally Figs was for my eldest son Anton, however around three years ago, Anton was offered an opportunity to move to Singapore. Andrew and I decided at that time to keep Figaro with us, as we couldn't bare to let him go or upset his routine.

As a breed, Italian Greyhounds are very loyal, timid and placid. Figaro exhibits all of these traits. He is my shadow most days and often sneaks onto Andrew's warm side of the bed when he leaves for work early in the morning. He does believe he is a real cutie.

He loves going for drives with me, I love that he takes interest in what is going on as we drive along. It always makes me smile.

He patiently sits whilst I dress him and I often catch him parading around the house in his outfit.

Whilst I’m cooking in the kitchen and especially during my Cooking Experiences , he always makes a special appearance around course 2 as it’s his favourite, my guests love when he appears as it’s their time to get a selfie and enjoy his cheeky personality.

Figaro has some big plans coming up this year and is busy work on helping his four legged friends. Stay tuned for what’s coming up later on in the year.

Lydia xxx

To see what Figs gets up to during that day follow him on Instagram

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