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I created this space to share with you all a deeper look into my world.

Here, you are invited to join me on my journey of cooking and finding new and exciting recipes. Of course you can always head over to my shop and browse through my products - everything that encompasses the modern woman. 

You may recognise me as one of the original cast members of  The Real Housewives of Melbourne, now in its 5th season.

As you know my heart is my home - I am a wife, daughter and mother who values my family above all else. I enjoy travelling and discovering inspiration from all corners of the globe, but also love to entertain at my home in Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city. 

My passion for entertaining and sharing love through food is what brought me to introduce my in-home cooking experience.  Throughout the evening I will prepare for you a delicious three-course dinner, based around traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation, with a sassy touch of housewife spice.  

We feast, we chat, and we enjoy each other’s company, all whilst learning  how to cook delicious every day meals. I even personally pack a take home gift bag. - Find out more and book your cooking experience now!

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