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“Thank you @Lydiaschiavello and Team for a fantastic night inLydia’sKitchen. The whole evening was incredible, Lydia was so warm and generous and the food was amazing! Plus as a Real Housewives of Melbourne fan, it was so much fun to hear some of the behind the scenes stories from the show! Overall it was an incredible experience, with a beautiful host and guests that I will never forget! I would highly recommend!”



“Well what can I say. The experience of a life time spending time in a beautiful and friendly person like yourself home, tasting the traditions of you family heritage cooking. The flavours in all the food on the evening were truly amazing. Sam, Your mum and yourself put together an amazing arrange of food. Our night was full of great atmosphere and we felt genuinely welcomed into your family home as if it was our own. The night was topped off by cannoli from our most favourite place, filled by the owners themselves. The night and experience rated out of 10…….we give it a 12.
Would recommend this night to anyone who wants to feel welcomed into an Italian family home, tasting the most beautiful flavours in food and wine, in the company of a beautiful person.

Again, thank you Lydia. We will be back!”



"Your ears should have been burning before you went to bed because we couldn’t stop chatting on the way home discussing what a fabulous time we all had.  It was a wonderful night, you were a fabulous Hostess who made all of us feel truly welcome.  Moving on to the food, well what can I say except Delizioso, and who knows I may even try my hand at cooking Spatchcock one day!

In closing Lydia, please thank everyone we met last night for helping make us all feel so comfortable."



"My amazing husband organised me a surprise for my birthday. I’m glad he kept it a surprise because as we approached the front door I suddenly realised we were about to have dinner with Lydia and I became extremely nervous. There was no need for my nerves, when Lydia entered the room we were greeted with such warmth. The night quickly felt like we were sitting down having laughs and dinner with great friends. Sitting around Lydia’s kitchen she shared what is clearly her love and passion for cooking, producing delicious dishes that stem back to her childhood with her Grandma. The ingredients were quite simple and the flavours were all spot on and paired with some lovely wines. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes myself. The evening was elegant, classy, intimate and loads of fun. I didn’t want the night to end.

A huge thank you for having us into your beautiful home Lydia and sharing your delicious food and for the goodie bag and recipes. We have taken away some amazing memories and will definitely be back."


"I love cooking experiences but inLydia’s Kitchen is on another level! 

From the moment you walk into her home you feel welcome. The Cooking Experience is tailored to a seasonal menu that's easy to implement in your own kitchen. Sharing her passion for cooking, culture and traditions are entwined into her menu. Small intimate group settings has everyone engaged and involved. Looking forward to executing the dishes and experiencing the Cooking Experience again and again and again!"


"I have to say the evening was better than I could have ever imagined it to be.  Not only an absolute privilege to meet Lydia and be invited into her home, Lydia was engaging, witty, a talented cook and a wonderful host.  The food was full of flavors, colorful and delicious.  Lydia made it seem so effortless whilst entertaining us all and genuinely getting to know her guests all whilst letting us get to know her true-self.

I made some wonderful new friends whom all want a place at the same table, together at Lydia’s again.  The evening was truly relaxing, enjoyable and I certainly left feeling very full.

The ‘goodie’ bag we were gifted was just another personal touch where we all left feeling like we made a new friendship with Lydia.

I am excited to start my own Dinner Parties with my first dishes being from Lydia’s Recipes!

The Staff, Lydia’s Son, Figaro and yourself included was such a bonus!!!

I am excited to make another reservation as soon as possible."


"In Lydia's Kitchen' - What an experience!! 5 STAR RATING!

I turned up to Lydia's door, blindfolded and not having any idea where I was. Next thing I know, Lydia Schiavello is holding my hand, the blind fold comes off and I'm being greeted with a big hug an a kiss!

My friends organised this surprise experience for my 30th birthday and Lydia made sure I had the best experience EVER. Lydia not only opens her home to you for a meal but she opens her life to you as well. Guest appearances by Andrew and the gorgeous Mr Figaro throughout the night made sure of that. Down to earth and honest, this is a genuine experience that isn't a gimmick. It is also a must for any fan of the RHOM! Lydia exceeds all expectations and a week later I still have not stopped thinking about this experience with my friends and Lydia.

Finally Lydia is an amazing host but an ever better cook - the food was amazing! In fact, I even learnt some tricks for my next dinner party I host myself. If you ever wanted to get someone a gift that is an experience, 'In Lydia's Kitchen" is the must do gift, I will be recommending to everyone for a long time to come.

And finally, thanks Lydia for making me feel so special! I cant wait to come back! "



Thank you so much for such an incredible dining experience on Valentines Day! Watching you prepare dishes that have special meaning to you and your family and to see just how truly passionate you are about cooking was fabulous. The menu was divine; fine, fresh ingredients prepared lovingly. The effort that you and your team went to , from the bubbles and bruschetta on arrival to creating the perfect venue and table was much appreciated. Lydia, it was a first class event full of surprises. You are an amazing hostess and it was an absolute pleasure to get to know a little of the lady we love on TV but is far more impressive in person. You made everyone feel so at home and although we did not know the other diners of varied ethnicities and diverse ages, we all left kissing and hugging and feeling like we had experienced something fun, unique and well worth the fee. Thanks Lydia!"


"Not a cooking class, a cooking EXPERIENCE. 
When you visit Melbourne Monday to Friday your initial thoughts might be that you will miss out on all the exciting weekend events but as we learnt, that is far from correct. 
My Husband loves the Real Housewives of Melbourne. He's one of those die hard, sit in bed, sshh the guests type of fan where our dinner parties will often end with an episode of housewives drama. I am not ashamed to now say, I am a converted fan... of Lydia's! 
With that in mind it was only fitting that we booked in to a 'cooking experience' with Lydia Schiavello. And the experience we got did not disappoint. 
From the personal email hello, to the phone call prior to the start time (we were running late) asking if we were okay, to Lydia personally standing with us while we waited for our taxi home - we felt like we had visited our best friend or even more so, family. 
Lydia shared her beautiful home, delicious cooking and many stories not just about the TV show but some really special personal moments that made the night amazing. 
The dinner started with bruschetta and bubbles in the library, and then progressed to the kitchen of course, where we sat and ate in a designer homely environment. 

The first seated course was prawn pasta(?), Lydia made cooking look easy and the taste was moreish. We actually would have been satisfied with that but in true italian style the flavoursome food kept coming. Spatchcock, Salmon salad, desert(?) All served with some gorgeous wines including Marlborough Savignon Blanc from our home town in NZ. 
To say that we we're spoiled is an understatement. We arrived nervous and left more than satisfied, laughing and energised. 
We highly recommend this experience to anyone and we will definitely be booking again when we come back to Melbourne. 

Thank you Lydia and Team. Can't wait to see you next time."


“Hi guys, 

Thanks so much for Wednesday night!!! Here is a little review to you! 
Last night my daughter and I had the absolute pleasure of spending an evening in Lydia’s Kitchen. All I can say is that Lydia Schiavello is an absolutely beautiful woman, inside and out and we felt we had arrived at a weekly family dinner with Nonna Lina included! The food, wine and company was just breathtaking and having Tony and Rosa Cavallaro there to share a meal with and spoiling us with their famous and amazing cannelloni for desert. As a gift to my 14 year old daughter for her birthday, all I can say is I’ll have to step it up next year to even get anywhere near the outstanding experience of sharing an evening of laughs and making the best memories. 
Thank you so much Lydia and Andrew for opening your home to us and also a big thank you to Nonna Lina, Brooke, Sam and Bryce for an unforgettable night out with my loved one. 

I’ll be back again.”

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