Well, we all know I'm not adverse to a cheeky little sexual innuendo here and there. To top it off, I also love food - so the mergence of the two is absolutely fine by me.


Eating this really was an orgy of the senses. The delicious smoky and creamy taste of mushrooms softened by the cheesy satisfaction of fluffy gnocchi was absolutely incredible. This meal makes a perfect dish to have at the dinner table with friends on a cold night with a delicious red wine. Make sure that you source the highest quality cheese and mushrooms here. It really makes a difference.


Makes enough for 4 people

For The Gnocchi:

  • 500g Buffalo ricotta

  • 1  egg

  • 50g parmesan

  • 50g  00 flour

  • Sea salt and freshly cracked white pepper

For The Mushrooms:

  • 500g Mixed mushrooms – king oyster, swiss brown, oyster, shimeji, enoki, white buttons

  • 1 Lemon

  • 60g Butter, unsalted

  • 4 tbsp Italian parsley, chopped

  • 50 ml Dry white wine or verjuice

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Sea salt and freshly cracked white pepper

  •  Parmesan wedge for grating



  • the ricotta through a mouli (food mill) onto a lightly floured bench, season with salt and white pepper and make a well in the center. Mix the flour and finely grated parmesan and sprinkle over the ricotta. Crack the egg into the well.

  • Mix the ingredients together then knead gently to make a dough. Roll out small amounts of the dough on a floured bench to form a cylinder about as thick as your thumb then cut the gnocchi to about 4cm length and place on a floured tray.


  • Give the mushrooms a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

  • For the king oyster mushrooms cut them into strips. For the rest leave them whole.

  • Heat a large sauté pan over a high heat. Add a splash of olive oil and the king oyster mushrooms and cook for about a minute on each side until brown. Add the rest of the mushrooms apart from the enoki and white buttons and toss in the pan so they can cook evenly. When the mushrooms have started to colour add the wine and cook until reduced by half. Add the butter while mixing to make the sauce, parsley and season well with salt and pepper.

  • Bring a large pot of seasoned water to a gentle boil. Carefully drop the gnocchi boiling water and cook for approximately 2 minutes until they float to the surface. Carefully remove from the boiling water and place on trays and allow to steam off for about 30 seconds then place on your serving plate.

  • Toss the sautéed mushrooms and the remaining enoki then arrange over the gnocchi. Finish with the fine shavings of white button mushroom and finely grated parmesan cheese.