"I may look like a jetsetter, but my feet are firmly on the ground."​

"First Impressions"

Lydia meets up with Andrea and Gina. Janet has a psychic reading by fellow housewife Jackie. Janet invites Jackie to the Liberty Belle party hosted by Andrea. All 6 women to come together for the first time. Jackie throws a spanner in the works with her unnerving psychic predictions.

"Pick a Side"

Jackie is quizzed for psychic vibes, Gina heads straight to the States leaving the other girls speculating why. Lydia invites Jackie to a local gallery and Chyka invites the wives to food tasting where Gina is the topic of conversation. Jackie and Gina have a confrontation in a cafe.

"New Kids on the Block"

Janet visits Dr Chris Moss for some 'freshening' and Jackie attends as support. Lydia and her husband Andrew fly to King Island for a spot of cheese tasting. Gina's back from the States, after making a life altering decision about her partner. Jackie and Ben host a Mexican-themed housewarming party and Ben confronts Gina about her issues with his wife.

"Ice Queens"

Lydia invites Jackie and Andrea away for skiing in Thredbo. Andrea and Lydia share their insights on money and relationships, Jackie bemused. Back in Melbourne, Chyka and Gina help Janet chose outfits for her date that night with a younger man. Unbeknownst to Janet, the girls stick around for a quick spy while the couple have dinner.

"Birthday Girl"

Bruce manages to steal Chyka away for a romantic date night. Janet celebrates her birthday by picking up her sparkling three carat diamond ring.

"Anyone For Tennis?"

Lydia's studying design at Andrea's alarmed at the slow building progress at the new Liberty Belle Skin and Janet's reworking her increasingly expensive renovations at Red Hill. Andrea hosts a tennis day at her beach house on the Mornington Peninsula. Jackie suggests a late night salsa lesson.

"Travelling North"

Chyka invites everyone to the Elandra resort at Mission Beach, QLD. The breathtaking helicopter ride there provides a welcome distraction from the growing tension.

"No Show or Go Show?"

The ladies return from Mission Beach with more baggage than they started out with and all somewhat stunned at the turn of events.

"Pooch Party"

Gina enlists the help of a dating agency. Chyka asks Andrea, Lydia and Gina homewares shopping, which doesn't go to plan. Chyka hosts a pooch party for the girls and their pooches. Jackie and Ben show business mentor Chyka the labels on their new cocktail line. At a Emirates party Lydia questions Janet about something Gina said in a phone call. Janet meets Gina for a drink and things quickly turn sour.

"Here's to Happy Endings"

Jackie and Ben audition burlesque dancer, Bella de Jac, for the La Mascara launch. Andrea shoots the cover of her book, The Working Mother's Revenge. Gina hosts a Girls Night In fundraising evening in aid of cancer research. Chyka encourages Gina and Andrea to meet.

"Reunion – Part 1"

Alex Perry hosts this drama filled reunion, as the housewives come together to discuss the series, their relationships, and also the contents of that frequently talked about email.

"Reunion – Part 2"

The housewives continue to discuss the highs and lows of the series, the accusations, the Chinese whispers and everyone's favourite pampered pooch, Figaro.