"I love tradition but I'm no traditional housewife!"

Pop the French champagne, slip on the Christian Louboutin pumps and brace yourself for one glamorous ride. The Real Housewives of Melbourne are back and this season the bling is brighter, the parties more extravagant and the drama even more unbelievable, as seven sophisticated and affluent ladies from Melbourne open the doors to their luxurious homes

"Fresh Start, New Faces"

Jackie, Lydia and Chyka meet up for lunch while Janet organises her birthday party. The housewives attend Janets' birthday party and we are introduced to two new housewives, Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger.

"Murder Mystery Party"

Pettifleur wants to buy a Bentley. Gamble hires a dog trainer to train her dog, Cash. Gamble is hosting a murder mystery party and has invited all the housewives. Jackie, Janet and Pettifleur try on costumes for the party, where Janet gets aggravated about Pettifleur, who is being rude to the shop assistant. Gamble and Rick get engaged and announce it at her Murder Mystery Party. Janet, Chyka and Gamble meet up for lunch and Chyka brings up a conversation about rumours and Janet says that Gamble was a stripper and a call girl.

"Fashion Flare Up"

Jackie promotes her cocktail brand, La Máscara. Jackie, Janet, Gina and Gamble attend the Chadstone fashion show. Gamble confronts Janet about the rumours she told Gamble earlier. Lydia learns to play poker with Shane Warne for a charity event.

"Anyone For Golf?"

Gina and Janet catch up for coffee. Gina brings up the rumours and Janet walks out. Janet invites Gamble, Jackie, Chyka and Gina for golf. Jackie and Janet go look for outfits for golf and Janet brings up the lunch with Gina, which makes her cry. The girls go to the Mornington Peninsula to play golf. Jackie predicted that Gina would lose her golf stick, which she did, which shocks the housewives. Gamble and Janet call a truce.

"Chef's Dinner"

Chyka, Jackie and Pettifleur go for lunch and Pettifleur calls Gamble stupid. Chyka invites everyone for a dinner. Lydia comes back from Italy, where her son gets married. While Lydia tells a heart-breaking story, Gamble starts laughing. Gamble confronts Pettifleur about calling her stupid. Gamble and Janet start arguing about the rumours yet again.

"Look Out Sydney"

Everyone attends the AFL Grand Final, except Gina and Jackie. Gamble invites Gina, Janet and Pettifleur to Sydney. Lydia confronts Gamble about when she laughed at the dinner. The ladies go to Sydney and attend the Billich Art Gallery. Gambles sister, Tempest confronts Janet about the rumours. Janet walks out of the Art Gallery and Gamble and Gina run out after her, trying to drag her back inside. Everyone goes for dinner and makes a pact that they don't bring up the rumours again. Gina has a few digs against Pettifleur, which Pettifleur thinks are racist remarks.

"Manila Bound"

Chyka and Jackie look for a venue for Gambles hens party, where strippers greet them. Janet invites everyone to Manila. The ladies arrive at Manila, and get settled into their rooms. Chyka, Gamble and Gina go for lunch and talk about Pettifleur controversial book, Switch the Bitch. The housewives go for dinner and Gina and Pettifleur come to blows when Pettifleur's book comes up.

"Philippines Part 2"

Pettifleur states that Gina is being racist against her, which leaves a bad taste in Gamble's mouth. Jackie states that Gina called Gamble's partner, Rick, a lunatic and that she was going to throw Gamble and Pettifleur under the bus. Jackie and Gina have an argument which escalates and turns into a screaming match. The housewives go for drinks at the hotel bar and Gamble and Petttifluer have a disagreement.

"Gina's New Shoes"

Janet launches her tea range. Gamble and Janets friend Carlos get into an argument about the rumours. Gina launches her new shoe range, with shoes named after each housewife. Janet and Pettifleur are upset that she named a shoe about them. Jackie has a party launching her LaMascara High-Tea.

"A Day At The Races"

Gamble and Rick purchase an engagement ring. The housewives attend the Spring Racing Carnival. Pettifleur launches her controversial book, Switch the Bitch. Gamble and Gina confront Pettifleur about the book again, where Jackie disagrees with what Gamble and Gina are saying. Gamble has her hens night. Jackie and Chyka organised strippers, which Gamble disapproves of. Gina says to Gamble that Gambles make-up artist started about rumours. Janet and Gamble get into another argument about the rumours.


Pettifleur asks Chyka to organise her birthday party. Chyka and her staff struggle to keep up with Pettifleurs high demands for the event. As the party kicks off, Janet, Manuela and Gamble argue about the rumours and Gina and Jackie go at it again, leaving guests in shock.